Establishes the Production Master Plan, planning the operation of the Centre.

  • Determines the technical criteria of the kitchen facilities.
  • Design and modifications of possible kitchen facilities.
  • Creates Technical Forms of quantitative and qualitative composition of each one of the elaborated plates.
  • Responsible for the investigation and development of new cooking techniques.


Monthly elaboration of proposals for menus, taking into account:

  • Age, taste and preference of the clients.
  • Geographic zone and specific characteristics.
  • Our commitment for a good quality – price relation shown in our economic proposal

The menus will be given to the person in charge of the service designated by the Centre at least twenty days before, to be approved or changed.
Days before the menu becomes effective, the definitively approved programming of the three-monthly menu will arrive at the Centre and will be distributed between the students.


Organizes and directs the operation of the Centre with an almost daily presence.
Establishes the needs of goods and auxiliary materials for the correct daily operation.
Gives the kitchen Responsible the correct orders of manufacture based on lists of technical forms of quantitative and qualitative composition and number of diners.
Attends the orders which arrive at the Department of Purchases.
Integrated by professional people, we are able to replace any absence of the Responsible of the kitchen of the Centre.
The responsibility of this department is to enforce the Quality Code of the Company referring to:

  • Handling practices.
  • Seasoning and preparation of menus.
  • State, cleaning and conservation of the facilities.
  • Communication and implementation of the production directives.
  • Control of the final products and withdrawal of those which are not in perfect condition.


Provides training to every member of the company for the correct application of the Quality Code.

Authorized training of food manipulators by the CAM.

Definition of the method of application of the Analysis of Dangers and Specific Critical Control Points for the Centre.

Verification with direct visits to the Centres of the degree of application and fulfilment of the directives established referring to:

  • Hygienic and sanitary conditions of the Centre
  • Hygiene of the personnel uniform.
  • Labelling, protection and expiring date of goods in stock
  • Practice of elaboration and handling of goods
  • Conservation of final products awaiting for consumption

Carries out the corresponding nutritional study for each programmed menu, to secure balanced menus
Coordinates and inspects together with the hired External Quality Audit Company.
Carries out free conferences on nutrition and food handling practices, for students and parents of the Centre.


The responsibilities of the Human Resources Department concentrate in the following areas:

  • Selection and hiring of the best people prepared to cover the needs of each Client depending on the users of the service and the Centre.
  • Responsible for the Hiring and Salary Policies of the Company.
  • Solve problems referring to transfer of personnel following a proposal of the Centre or by needs of the Company with a previous communication and consent of the Responsible of the Centre.
  • Coverage of the absentee personnel due to ILT, AT, work permits, holidays, etc., through personnel replacements (cooks and assistants) properly qualified and being staff members of the Company.


Its main function is to visit or receive from all our Clients the necessary information to make our work the best and the most efficient. This information will be obtained through the Centre Coordinator.
Their objectives are:

  • To contrast the satisfaction level
  • To detect anomalies and incidences.
  • To solve problems in coordination with the remaining Departments of the Company.
  • To satisfy the needs of our Clients.
  • We give a great importance to the direct and frequent contact with our Clients. The dialogue and the communication, even of the smallest observations, help us to improve our attention and to make the best decisions.