for school dining rooms

  •  Educational workshops
  •  Thematic activities
  •  Surveillance and playground supervision
  •  Extra-curricular activities

and Entertainers

Service of caretaker personnel for dining rooms, instructors and entertainment personnel

Our goal is to educate for health, for coexistence and for free time creating participatory, experiential, communicative, creative and recreational activities.

We have a full TRAINING PLAN in which we highlight:

  • Course for dining room instructor and school instructor
  • Course for personnel in charge of food manipulation
  • Course for introduction to leisure and free time
  • Service training and develoment meetings
  • Official degree for Instructors/ Entertainer for leisure and free time..

Among our most important objectives we highlight:

  • Client participation in the decoration of the dining room, recipes, ideas for accomplishment of events.
  • Gathering of the clients ideas to help us improve.
  • Client participation, feeling that what they have created is something of their own; we will make them feel important.
  • It is a specialized service of entertainers, caretakers and supervisors of free time.
  • The caretakers of our company work to integrate, along with the family and the school, a good level of action with both a healthcare and an educative approach.
  • Our specialists, in coordination with the educators, send out identical attitude and values as the ones of the Centre.
  • In conclusion, they are an extension of the daily education of the students.