School Division

Food Service for Educational Centers

  •   Primary Schools
  • Schools
  • Dormitories
  • Boarding schools and seminaries
  • University Dormitories

Broad Experience

Course of Action

Our menus are handmade and homemade, without any colouring or additives, and under the supervision of our Department of Nutrition.

ALCESA has implemented an Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 (Management of Quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) norms.

Alcesa can perform this service in two ways:

1. Cook in the center’s facilities

Food is prepared on site by our own personnel, which also serves and cleans the facilities and equipment.

Alcesa staff will carry out orders to suppliers in accordance with established menus and is responsible for the reception of the goods on the premises of the Centre, carrying out its storage and correct preservation.

Alcesa staff will prepare the menus in the kitchen facilities of the Centre. Doctor prescribed diets will be elaborated as well as cultural menus taking into account the characteristics of each geographical area, and always according to their nutritional study.

Alcesa staff is responsible for the cleaning related to food service, kitchen, kitchenware and tableware, as well as the cleaning of the dining hall in accordance with agreement.

2. Transported service

In this type of service, food is cooked in our central kitchens and distributed afterwards to the Center, on the days and hours previously agreed. We can perform this service in two ways:

Traditional cooking process, airtight packaging and cold storage of prepared dishes, in which, once the cooking is finished, the temperature is lowered during a period of two hours to reach 4°C.

This production system guarantees organoleptic properties.
The food is distributed, delivered and stored at 4 °C and will be regenerated to consume at a temperature of 75 °C

Traditional cooking method, packed in isothermal containers in order to maintain the suitable temperature until the reception in the destination centers (65 ° C)